Multiplayer Progress Update

1620 days ago by ARC3DE

Looking at the amount of software that has come out of this endeavor I am blown away. What started as a webgl experiment with some games and an editor is starting to really take shape. Arcade is turning into its own platform! The next step on this journey is multiplayer. For this we are working on three concurrent projects at the same time.

The first is the infrastructure changes and an overhaul to the out of game experience to support multiplayer. This includes browsing levels, liking levels, viewing profiles, notifications, making friends, creating parties, changing settings, and more. Think of this to being similar to the XBOX dashboard and the out of game menus that comes with that platform. The above video is a concept of that user experience.

The next thing is creating a game to showoff multiplayer. This new game, codename Playground, will be a sandbox game for people to play together. This game will take advantage of all the multiplayer changes and combined with the Editor, our in-house tool for creating levels, this allows for Playground to be creative as well as fun. I'm looking forward to creating some levels to play with friends and family in the near future.

The last component to all this is the Avatar Shop. If we're going to make things multiplayer we need for people to be able to express themselves with a cool character! Like all developments so far all avatar content will live in the cloud to be accessible and extendable in the future.

The next update to arc3de will feature all these changes at the same time and be a notable upgrade to the platform. I'll keep you posted on that progress. It's looking awesome so far.