Creating My First Scene

1403 days ago by ARC3DE

Welcome Back to ARC3DE. In This video I’ll show you how easy it is to create your first scene and play it in virtual reality on the Oculus Quest.

To save a scene in ARC3DE you’ll need a verified account to save your scene to. If you haven’t already done so create your FREE account at the Login page. Once signed in the first thing you’ll need to do is select which scene you wish to start from. In this example I’m going to select “Blank Scene”.

The scene will load followed by the Editor. The very first thing you’ll want to do is save the scene using “Save Scene as Copy” to save a copy of the scene to your account.

Let’s do a quick overview of the Editor. This is the scene view. Use the mouse to pan and zoom your scene. The scene gizmo allows you to change the camera view.

To the right is the Hierarchy panel that shows all the gameobjects in the scene. Everything from the camera, lights, and more are visible in the scene’s hierarchy. Even if the gameobject is disabled the gameobject can be accessed here.

To the right of that is the Inspector panel. This shows the components attached to your current selection. You can hide these panels if you prefer and bring them back using the File Menu’s Window option.

Now let’s get creative…

To import art select the Import option under the File Menu’s Window option. The Import panel allows you to access the ARC3DE asset library and bring art into your scene.

Select Prefab followed by selecting the search input and type in the word “tree”. The “More” button on the right will load more prefabs. Now let’s select a tree. There we go. The tree is now in our scene.

Let’s focus on this tree with “F” and use the mouse to orbit the tree. Now let’s transform this tree in the environment. Use “W” to select the translate tool and move it. Next let’s use the scale gizmo by selecting “R” and make the tree bigger. To rotate the tree select “E” and use the rotation gizmo.

Let’s save and play this scene.

Here’s our scene with the newly imported tree.  Now that we know how to import art let’s add some more items to our scene. We’ll timelapse this segment to speed things up.

Our scene is looking better. Now it’s time to play it in virtual reality using the Oculus Quest headset. For this video I’ll be using Oculus Link to play on Desktop using the Firefox browser. You can also use the Oculus Quest in standalone to play your scene using the Oculus Browser. If you haven’t done so make sure Firefox is updated as WebXR is a relatively new API.

At the time of this video Chrome support for WebXR wasn’t as stable as Firefox. That might have changed but for now we’ll just stick with Firefox.

Let’s copy/paste the URL from Chrome to Firefox. Once prompted, select “Enter VR”. And that’s it!

I’m playing the scene I created in virtual reality. Pretty cool!

When you are ready to share your scene with the world you can Publish it from the Scene’s menu located off your Profile page.

Another quick tip: you can share your scene with others simply by copy and pasting your scene’s URL.

There you have it! Creating a scene and playing it in virtual reality is pretty easy using the Editor at ARC3DE. Be sure to check out more Editor videos to see all the creative things you can do with your scene.

Until next video… happy gaming!