Asset Library

1242 days ago by ARC3DE

The ARC3DE asset library is a collection of published online assets to use in your levels and game designs. They include audio, fonts, textures, models, materials, prefabs and scenes. These assets can be accessed both on the website and from inside the Editor.

Prefabs are game-ready assets and can contain particles, colliders, animations, scripts and more. For example a “horse” prefab has the colliders, animations, and behaviors of a horse. To use the horse in your scene you simply need to import and place the horse where you want it.

The asset library is continuously growing and getting larger. Additionally, ARC3DE members can publish their assets to allow other members access which makes the community richer! For this reason we strongly hope that you will consider publishing your scenes and your in-game assets.

Finally, if you like scenes and assets produced by a specific member please consider following that member so when they publish new scenes you will be notified and first to play.